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Too Deep, Too Greedy is the second and final map of the Realm of Astrologers in Dimension of the Machine. In this map, the player stumbles upon a ruined citadel along with a military base leading to a network of lava-filled caverns.


  1. At the start of the map, you will go inside a ruined tower and up a ramp. There is a gap in the middle of the floor. Slowly edge towards it and fall down through it to a raised ledge under the tower (don't go too fast or you will overshoot the ledge) to find a Green Armor.
  2. Past the first tower, you will come to a sequence where you have to ascend up a wooden scaffolding by making a series of platforming jumps. At the top, you will eventually come to a bluish cave with a lit torch on the left side of the entrance. Before going through here, look to your left; there is a destroyed part of the tower that you can jump to for a 100 Health.
  3. In the wide-open area with the giant excavator full of dirt, you will see a somewhat-hidden, moss-covered entrance to a secret cave, to the right of the area with the wooden ramps and yellow pipe (which is itself just to the right of the big door in front of the excavator). Going through here will net you the third secret, containing a Rocket Launcher (Q1)
  4. In the cafeteria area inside the building, there is a counter with a button hidden within it; hitting this will open the door labeled "The Meat Locker" just across from you; inside is some Fiends, 2 small Boxes of Nails, a small Box of Rockets, and a Super Nailgun.
  5. After lowering the bridge inside the room just past the excavator (where we found Secret #3), simply drop down from the upper catwalk onto the stack of crates holding the Yellow Armor that you likely saw upon entering this room for the first time a short while back.
  6. Inside the dark, evil, lava-filled room with the Rocket Launcher, Gold Key Door, and tons of enemies, there are six hidden Shootable Buttons that you must activate to reach this secret.
    1. The first button is located to your right, past the lavafall, where you fought the Scrags upon entering the room.
    2. The second button is just around the bend, behind the first Fireball Trap that you see.
    3. The third button is high up on the wall, right next to the Gold Key.
    4. The fourth button is all the way on the other side of the lava pit, across from the Gold Key, high up on a wall.
    5. The fifth button is on the back of another Fireball Trap, specifically one of the ones one you passed between Buttons #2 and #3
    6. The sixth and final button is just behind and to the right of Button #5, high up on the wall in front of the Fireball Trap, where a Vore has spawned. Once the final button has been activated, the secret is finally triggered, and a group of small platforms will rise up out of the lava, containing a 100 Health, a Thunderbolt, and a Yellow Armor.
  7. After collecting the Rune of the Astrologers, you will need to ascend the tower that is floating in this infinite, black void. Eventually you will come to a room that, upon entry, will spawn in a group of Knights, as well as lower a platform in between the Knights, which spawns a Vore on top of it. Eliminate the enemies, back out of the room and then look down and to the right of the room's entrance, on the tower's exterior; it is hard to see, but there is a ledge that you can jump/drop down to, where the final secret is located, containing a Red Armor. Do not worry if you miss the ledge, as you will not die by falling into the black void here; instead, it will safely teleport you back onto the walkway.