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MORNING STAR is a modification for Quake made by Mike. This modification primarily is designed for the Morning Star, though some custom death messages are also included. Included among the collection is a custom death message for Chthon, a boss that was not given a proper death message in the vanilla game.

Pressing impulse 112 shall result in the message "Program by Tatter_D!" being displayed.

New Death Messages


  • "Player" invaded "Attacker"'s space. (Telefrag)
  • "Player" failed the acid test (Slime)
  • "Player" was slimed (Slime)
  • "Player" caught a lavaball (Lavaball)
  • "Player" played with the explosives (Radioactive Container)
  • "Player" fall down go SPLAT! (Falling)
  • "Player" gets the point (Nail Trap)
  • "Player" died a llama's death (Noexit)
  • "Player" was killed by "Attacker" (Misc)


  • "Player" fed the fishies (Rotfish)
  • "Player" was knifed by a Knight (Knight)
  • "Player" was diced by a Death Knight (Death Knight)
  • "Player" was caught by a Vore (Vore)
  • "Player" discovers why waking Cthon is a mistake (Chthon)


  • "Player" got filled with "Attacker"'s buckshot (Double-Barrelled Shotgun)
  • "Player" gets "Attacker"'s point (Nailgun)
  • "Player" turns into a sieve by "Attacker" (Super Nailgun)
  • "Player" was blown apart by "Attacker"'s grenade (Grenade Launcher, Gibbing)
  • "Player" was blown to kibble by "Attacker"'s rocket (Rocket Launcher, Gibbing)
  • "Player" received "Attacker"'s static (Thunderbolt, normal)
  • "Player" finds out that electricity and water don't mix. (Thunderbolt discharge, self)