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MORNING STAR is a modification for Quake made by Mike. This modification primarily is designed for the Morning Star, though some custom death messages are also included. Included among the collection is a custom death message for Chthon, a boss that was not given a proper death message in the vanilla game.

Pressing impulse 112 shall result in the message "Program by Tatter_D!" being displayed.

An alternate Server version of this modification exists. The only difference is that there are no custom models or sounds, thereby making it compatible on servers without clients needing additional files.

New Death Messages


  • "Player" invaded "Attacker"'s space. (Telefrag)
  • "Player" failed the acid test (Slime)
  • "Player" was slimed (Slime)
  • "Player" caught a lavaball (Lavaball)
  • "Player" played with the explosives (Radioactive Container)
  • "Player" fall down go SPLAT! (Falling)
  • "Player" gets the point (Nail Trap)
  • "Player" died a llama's death (Noexit)
  • "Player" was killed by "Attacker" (Misc)


  • "Player" fed the fishies (Rotfish)
  • "Player" was knifed by a Knight (Knight)
  • "Player" was diced by a Death Knight (Death Knight)
  • "Player" was caught by a Vore (Vore)
  • "Player" discovers why waking Cthon is a mistake (Chthon)


  • "Player" got filled with "Attacker"'s buckshot (Double-Barrelled Shotgun)
  • "Player" gets "Attacker"'s point (Nailgun)
  • "Player" turns into a sieve by "Attacker" (Super Nailgun)
  • "Player" was blown apart by "Attacker"'s grenade (Grenade Launcher, Gibbing)
  • "Player" was blown to kibble by "Attacker"'s rocket (Rocket Launcher, Gibbing)
  • "Player" received "Attacker"'s static (Thunderbolt, normal)
  • "Player" finds out that electricity and water don't mix. (Thunderbolt discharge, self)


Gotcha (Unused)
Impulse 112 message

Version History


  • Custom sounds added.
  • Possibly fixed a rare bug where the Weapon would not fire for an unknown reason.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Change Weapon" button could not reach the Morning Star, resulting in a broken cycle.
  • Fixed the jump key not doing anything.
  • The player no longer appears to be flying.


  • Official release.
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