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Bigger, meaner, and deadlier than above... with a machine gun for a right arm.

Quake II Manual

In Quake II, the Machine Gun Guards are one of the three Stroggified humans who wear gold and dark grey armor. Machine Gun Guards are equipped with a Machine Gun. They are common in Unit 1 and Unit 2, but rare throughout rest of the game. They appear in Big Gun watching the defense monitors.

Behaviour and AttacksEdit

The Machine Gun Guard will attack the enemy by firing its Machine Gun in a random sucession ranging from 4 bullets (8 damage) to 11 bullets (22 damage). It is fairly easy to dodge its attack, although compared to all of the hitscan weapons the other enemies use, this is the most difficult to dodge.

The Machine Gun Guard prefers to close the gap between him and his opponents to give him better accuracy.


  • Alone, the Machine Gun Guard is a very easy kill, although more difficult than the Shotgun and Light Guard. The Machine Gun Guard still has little health and can easily be killed with any weapon before he can deal any serious damage.
  • A group of Machine Gun Guards can tear you apart at close range when added up, so keep your distance and mow them down with a Machine Gun or either throw an Grenade into a group of them.
  • With other enemies, the Machine Gun Guard can do quite a bit of damage if you're not paying attention. To get rid of it, shoot an explosive at it or get it in between the player and a stronger enemy so that the Machine Gun Guard is killed in the cross fire but attention isn't taken off the more lethal bigger enemies. The explosive will gib it and inflict splash damage on nearby enemies.
  • If you're low on ammo, It is advised to led him into a group, due to the Guard's hitscan based attack it is easier to create Infighting.
  • Sometimes a downed Guard of any of the three classes (Light, Shotgun or Machine Gun) will perform a final attack before actually dying, which can be dangerous if your health is low and you're right in front of him. Either avoid the attack or take a few extra shots to gib them.
  • In the Ground Zero mission pack Guards will often run away from the player and hide behind a corner or a stack of boxes in an attempt to ambush the player.

Death Message Edit

  • Player was machine-gunned by a Machinegun Guard.


The Guard being idle
The Guard spotting an opponent
The Guard being injured
The Guard being killed


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