Marian Bidwell
Biographical information



La Grange Point, Space Station McKinley


Operation: Advantage, Stroggos

Physical description

Master Sergeant




6'3" (190.5 cm)


190Lbs (86.184 kg)

Additional information

S.M.C., Rhino Squad


Master Sergeant Marian Bidwell is the twenty eight year old Rhino Squad second-in-command and drill instructor from La Grange Point, Space Station McKinley.


Bidwell, born in space and to parents both of which were marines, joined the Space Marine Corps illegally by falsifying a document to join two years under the legal age limit. During his career, Bidwell had been involved in extensive amounts of war and destruction without losing morale.


On Stroggos, Bidwell is found at the trenches near a Strogg anti-aircraft gun with Nikolai "Sledge" Sledjonovitch. During Operation: Advantage, he helps Scott Voss, Dell Morris and Cpl. Matthew Kane secure the door controls and later, secure the detonation position. While guarding the EMP bomb truck, Rhino Squad is attacked by a Harvester and Bidwell is impaled through the chest by one of the Harvester's legs. His death causes Voss and Morris to temporarily pause in grief.


  • "All right you maggots, haul ass inside. Go go go!"
  • "We cleared!"
  • "Shut the hell up Strauss!"
  • "Just getting started, we gotta take out that Air Defense Cannon, but the Strogg flyers are keeping us pin us down. There is no way.(Interrupted by Voss)."
  • "Right here sir!."
  • "You heard the man, get to the hanger. Morris go with him. Move out!" 
  • "Voss said you'd be trouble but you'd be worth it. The Lieutenant is never wrong."
  • "Kane, Where the hell have you been, Lieutenant Voss wants you to catch up with him. Hop on that truck and it'll get you to were you need to be."



Marian Bidwell

  • Bidwell is the first Rhino Squad member in Quake 4 to die. Notably, compared to Voss and PFC Jeremiah Anderson, Bidwell's death is quick and relatively painless.
  • In the GameSpot character diary, Bidwell is listed as a Master Sergeant but is a Sergeant in-game.
  • Bidwell is six foot three inches (190.5 cm) tall, tying him with Sledjonovitch as the tallest Rhino Squad member. He also weighs 190 (86.184 kg) pounds, making him the second heaviest. At twenty eight, Bidwell is also the second oldest. According to Morris' GameSpot character diary, Bidwell has also has been in Rhino Squad the longest.
  • Bidwell is the only character born in space.