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The MarkV Quake engine is a Source port developed by Baker which is derived from Fitzquake, being an spiritual sucessor to the mentioned engine and DirectQ. The main goal is to develop an engine that combines features from known Quake engines such as: Darkplaces(limits), DirectQ(compatibilty on older computers) Quakespasm(Look and feel) QMB(Particles and effects) while also aiming for classic vanilla gameplay and graphics.


  • Main GLQuake and ProQuake features.
  • Main QMB, JoeQuake, Quakespasm Features.
  • QMB Particles option
  • Shadows support with three different styles (r_shadows 1 for default shadows r_shadows 2 for GLQuake styled shadows r_shadows 3 advanced shadows)
  • Multi Render support: DX8,DX9,OpenGL, and the classic WinQuake software renderer with support for larger resolutions and an optional 320x200-320x240 resolution emulator)
  • Demo Rewind function.
  • Built-In AVI capture.
  • Possibilty to save Multi Player games (An server must be started first and together all players must join again)
  • External Texture support (can be toggled on and off easily and realtime on the console)
  • Texture Editor ingame
  • External Music support for mp3 and ogg
  • Seal Of Nehahra compatible
  • IPV6 Support
  • Colored Lightning
  • Dynamic Lightning
  • Water Warp effect
  • Mirror Effect support (can be toggled off with r_mirroralpha 1)
  • External .vis file loading
  • Splitscreen Multiplayer (up to 4 Players)
  • And much more


Go here to visit the MarkV main page with latest news: [1]