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Mega Weapons is a modification for Quake made by Steve Bond. This modification features various Weapon modifications.

Impulse 9 has been changed so that the player gets 1000 health when the cheat is used.

If the player has a Nail, the Axe will fire a fireball similar to the projectile fired by a Death Knight, except that it explodes on contact. This causes 50-60 damage. If the player does not have any Nails, the Axe will work the same as in the vanilla game.

The Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun now fire a greater number of pellets. The Shotgun has a narrower spread, while the Double-Barrelled Shotgun has a wider spread.

The Nailgun and Super Nailgun now fire projectiles similar to those fired by the Enforcer.

The Grenade Launcher now costs 7 Rockets (if the player has less than 7, it still will work, but the player will get a negative counter). It fires a cluster-bomb that can collide with an opponent to cause a significant amount of damage, or break apart into 7 grenades to devastate an entire room. The player must be behind a surface or a far distance away from the explosion, the Splash Damage radius is quite far and can instantly kill a player. The Rocket Launcher projectile now is slower. Both the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher now cause enough damage to one-shot a Vore.

Impulse 12 can be used to drop a flare that can light up a dark area, This action costs 5 Nails. This flare will be placed directly where the player is standing. It will light up an area for a few moments before disappearing from the map.


The Axe firing a fireball
Axe fireball exploding
Nailgun/Super Nailgun being fired
Flare being lit