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In the Quake IV, the Megahealth is a Powerup that grants the user +100 health up to max health points: 200. However, the health will slowly rot away until the player's health is back to 100.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The Megahealth is usually a hotly-contested item in multiplayer, sometimes players favor this over Heavy Armor and Quad Damage, especially the FFA mode. When the match starts, try to get control of the area that has the Megahealth before your enemies do. If you can't, try to strike when there's still fighting. If there's no fighting when you get to it, but somebody is occupying it, don't try and take it unless you have a very powerful weapon and some armor. Alternatively, if you cannot reach the area with Megahealth fast enough, go to get Heavy Armor or strong weapon first. If you don't you'll usually get blown away before you can take off half of your target's HP.

Once obtained, one’s health will be ticketing away to 100. Nonetheless, one can pick up Regeneration to maintain 200 points, though this is rare due to most competitive maps have only one of them.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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