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  • So I see that you're a fan of Thief, eh? Just a question; but since Thief is your favorite game, and you dislike any new school shooters, what's your opinion of the upcoming Thief game? 

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    • It's that bit with a lip and you can't jump the limp going back. It is the the lrrge building where you meet Mages. I guess I'll give up. Oh wait, but look here. I've played it smart and saved it every five or so minutes. So I have a save file right before I made that stupid broken jump. I've lost about 20 minutes of gameplay (nearer to 10 minutes when I replay that part). Still as annoying as hell though.

      FMs sound difficult. Is that the sign of your first good map added to your list that is monster based?

      Do you know when you will get Jedi Knight? If this gets you excited, I will let you know that the first levels take place on a planet that you've already visited in Dark Forces.

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    • Hey Raadec, I am curious how you like the new look of the background. I just updated it to lynque's reccomendations to kill the tiles. I also am curious if we should change the background image to something a bit larger, so it isn't as blurry when blown up.

      Wow, so you somehow jumped over the gorge that is supposed to be impossible to jump over? You did know the developers specifically targeted that bridge so it would be impossible for this to happen? Now I want to see for myself if the jump is possible in my copy!

      Glad you are smart to save a lot, I learned that strategy years ago. Back then I had worse problems from FTMDIAELS (Falling to my death in an endless loop syndrome) where I would save right after I jumped off a cliff to my death instead of loading. I remember doing that in Tomb Raider 3, forget what other games though. 

      FMs are not complex. They are about the same difficulty as the original game. It just is that I like creating my own challenges. 

      Nope, still no monster based levels! I actually was replaying an OM. Lets see, the entire list of levels with Hammer Haunts so far... Oh, if you ever plan to sit down and do a bunch of terrible missions you might want to ignore these "spoilers". No good mission yet has had undead.

      I counted 14, which may sound like a lot, until you notice that 7 don't really count. So 7 Haunts in four levels out of all 39 I have touched so far. Somehow I am scared how well I remember these statistics and can quickly run through a list of FMs to tell you which levels had what enemies.

      Jedi Knight should be here by the end of the week! Hmm, Dark Forces revisited? My intution says to go with the sewers. They would hate me enough to start in the sewers!

      Well, we had that Necromancer level (which wasn't that good but has had the most undead yet, there was a boss fight that spammed Hammer Haunt sounds until you couldn't hear anything else and made you look for a key in a mess of redness). Hammer Haunts in that level were considered to be higher than the Hammerite Priests in the heirarchy. I think there were 3 as they only existed in one small part of the map. All could be easily stealth killed though.

      Remember I mentioned a floating enemy that was highly bugged and was supposed to come to life after you picked up a treasure in one of the levels I was originally debating? That was a Hammer Haunt.

      There was a level that I talked about that was semi-monster like Craigscleft. Well, the boss of that level just happened to be a Hammer Haunt. Yeah, that was basically a key hunt with a Hammer Haunt at the end (actually, I think it might also be the only level with Apparitions). It might be possible to stealth, but I just fought it head-on.

      Part 3 of a series of maps (the third being incomplete and never finished, highly bugged and impossible to finish) had a place that would lock you in with an army of undead after nabbing some treasure. Mostly zombies, but two were Hammer Haunts. Yeah, this was a face-to-face fight.

      Near the end of a mission where you were escaping from prison you had to kill a Hammer Haunt guarding some buttons (a lot of shadows means it was easy to backstab). No idea what that had to do with anything (besides the fact that it was a place sealed for years).

      Do you count levels where every enemy in the game was put behind bars or intended to be combatting other people besides yourself? That was done twice, one was an interesting pit level where you could flick switches and enemies would in-fight. It was pretty obvious what enemy would win, let me tell you that the Hammer Haunt went down rather fast.

      The second maybe non-counting was one with "stuffed trophies" of Hammer Haunts. I think there were two. Two more were in an arena fighting guards. There was another imprisoned behind bars. So that is five that you didn't have to deal with, three still living when you found them.

      EDIT: On to FM number 40. No idea what it is about besides that it is human based. It also has been getting hype on the forums for the past few days. By the way, drivers for the voodoo3 still aren't very good and so many people recommend sticking with the voodoo2 if you want to play Thief :p. 

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  • So, I thought this was a good time to finally start a fresh new message thread, especially since we're soon going to indulge in some, ummm, dark experiments. Besides, the old one was getting really long and messy already. Here we can start planning our activities for next week... as well as just talk about any random thing that may come up.

    Those metal videos were really cool, but educational too - now I know for certain which sub-genres to avoid like the plague. Of course, there will always be people who'd think it's all "satanic", no matter the style. I've actually learned to see this as part of the music's fun factor.

    Ugh, today the internet's transient nature caused me a lot of frsutration again - I was looking for certain patches and they proved surprisingly hard to find. Eventually I found some obscure forum thread from 2014 that had links to all of them. My sense of triumph didn't last long, as the site the links pointed too turned out to be dead and gone. I immediately went to the Wayback Machine, and came face to face with the thing I feared the most... the site used download queues that were generated for every user. That's impossible to archive by the WBM, so it's completely lost now. Oh well, at least now I know not to pursue this particular side project anymore.

    Other than that it was just another hot and boring day...

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