Mjolnir – Black
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 50 on direct hit (70 on zombies)
  • 80 from lightning (half if off-center)
  • 30 ongoing lightning (max 120, every 0.2 seconds for 0.8 seconds)
  • 262-1,749 on discharge
Maximum Ammunition

100 rounds

Ammunition Type



Scourge of Armagon

This is THOR’s War Hammer. Electrical by nature, when hammered to the floor it sends out a scattered electrical force along the ground. An ear-piercing clap of thunder will sound when the opponent is struck. The electrical current can spread from one opponent to the next.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

When this war hammer pounds the floor, it fires an electrical force along the ground, striking and shocking several enemies with its lethal current.

Ritual’s official website

The actual name for Thor's war hammer. When slammed to the floor, the Mjolnir sends out a scattered electrical force along the ground, and emits an ear-piercing clap of thunder when the opponent is struck. Line up some opponents and watch the electricity spread from one to the next!

Activision’s official website

The Mjolnir is a large hammer which emits lightning upon impact against a solid surface, provided the user always has at least 15 Cells. Alternatively, it can function as a simple melee weapon. It is evidently inspired by the hammer of Thor from Norse mythology.

Like the Thunderbolt, it will create an explosive discharge if used underwater (but only if player has enough cells to use its lightning attack). It also suffers from the zombie Thunderbolt bug, where the player enters a zombie state if killed but not gibbed by the discharge.

The Mjolnir is one of the three Weapons that cannot be stolen by the Gremlin in Scourge of Armagon. The other two are the Axe and the Shotgun.

It and the Axe are the only melee Weapons in Quake. If the player runs out of ammunition for all other weapons, the Mjolnir will be equipped automatically instead of the axe.


Mjolnir hitting the floor
Mjolnir hitting something solid


Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" was slammed by "Attacker"'s hammer
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