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Quake critters are extremely tough, but you have the firepower to vent your grievances on them anyway. Good hunting.

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In Quake, most of the monsters are creatures descended from Shub-Niggurath. They populate the realms of Quake and it's the Ranger's goal to slaughter any enemies he encounters, while trying to destroy Shub-Niggurath. Most of the creatures lack any form of eyes, as the world would be too dark and dingy for them to be able to see. There exists a total of fifteen monsters in Quake.


Each monster in Quake has its specific behavior, they can be seen either on a stationary pose or patrolling around the level in a walking stance. Once they detect nearby opponents they will begin chase to its prey, if they sucessfully defeat their target they will return to/begin their "patrol state". They will begin chase if they detect any nearby enemies. If the game is being played on Cooperative, they will begin to chase any players they spot first.

Monsters can also Infight if they accidentally provoke each other; this can be used as a strategy by the player. However monsters of the same type cannot infight each other, with the only exception being the Grunt.

Quake 1 Enemies 2
Monster Health Attack 1 Damage Attack 2 Damage
Rotfish 25 Nibble 3-6 - -
Rottweiler 25 Bite 1-24 Jump 10-20
Grunt 30 Shotgun 16 - -
Zombie 60 Body Part 10 - -
Knight 75 Sword 12-18 Charge 20-30
Enforcer 80 Laser Shot 15 - -
Scrag 80 Spit 9 - -
Spawn 80 Jump 10-20 Explosion up to 120
Ogre 200 Chainsaw (Per Swing) 4-12 Grenade up to 40
Ogre Marksman 200 Chainsaw (Per Swing) 4-12 Grenade up to 40
Death Knight 250 Sword 20-36 Beam 9 per hit (up to 54)
Fiend 300 Jump 40-50 Claw 10-15
Vore 400 Firepod 40 - -
Shambler 600 Lightning Beam 10 per hit Claw (Both) up to 80 (up to 120)
Chthon 1 (Easy) 3 (Normal+) Lava Balls up to 120 - -
Shub-Niggurath 40000 Aura 10 - -