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MultiMod is a modification for Quake made by Shyft that features a collection of various mods put together in a PROGS.dat with some of his own modifications.

On top of all the modifications listed below, Crucified Zombies are now also able to be destroyed.

This mod also includes the main attraction of THE FIEND MOD, the Fiend's Pentagram, which is referred to here as the Amulet of the Fiend.

Using Deathmatch 100 or Coop 100 allows the player to use all Cheats, regardless of Game Mode.

While the player can set themselves to MultiSkin 23 manually, it is also intended to be used when a Biosuit is picked up, since they will temporarily change to this skin when the Powerup is active.

Furthermore, a custom Enforcer skin is included as a demonstration of a Monster skin changing after they become a corpse, as well as 10 Grunt skins that will be selected at random at the start of each map.


  • Impulse 9 - Calls up a laser gun that the player can use if they have Cells in their possession. It appears similar to a Shotugn and is always part of the player's inventory, granted they have the Cells for it. Note that firing this gun shall immediately crash the server.
  • Impulse 13 - Throw a pipe bomb. Costs a Rocket.
  • Impulse 14 - Detonates the pipe bomb.
  • Impulse 15 - If the player has 40 Cells, they can summon an Electric Minion to protect the player. The Electric Minion lasts until it runs out of Cells; there can only be one Electric Minion per player at any time. The Electric Minion shall attack with a similar strength to a Thunderbolt and can fly around; intelligently keeping up with the player while seeking out opponents.
  • Impulse 100 - Drop your currently equipped Weapon in a Backpack.
  • Impulse 101 - Places a hologram; a holographic version of Ranger to give the illusion that the player is elsewhere in Deathmatch. There can be three of these at any time and they last a minute. It costs 12 Cells to create a hologram.
  • Impulses 200/201 - Toggles back and forth between MultiSkin skins.
  • Impulse 253 - Fiend mode.
  • Impulse 254 - Original Impulse 9 (Give all weapons)


Electric Minion being summoned
A Holo-Quaker being deployed / removed from the map