MultiSkin is a modification for Quake made by Dennis Noordsij. This modification allows players to toggle through a collection of various textures for the player skin. Impulse 200 has been assigned to switch to the next skin, while Impulse 201 has been assigned to return to the previous skin. This method allows players to have skins that deviate from each other, as opposed to using the same skin for each player.

Note that MultiSkin is not persistent; the player must toggle to the proper skin at the start of every level. Depending on the skin the player has, they get a custom message every time they die and respawn into the level. This has been placed in quotations in the toggle list.

Many of these skins come from earlier releases by other authors, often being originally intended for use with Qtest and converted for Quake. See Qtest Custom Files for further details on this.

While most MultiSkin and custom skins in general are designed to represent a character from another work of fiction, there are exceptions. Mr. Toad was originally known as DarkToad, he is a skin originally created by David Silverman for Qtest.

MultiSkin was one of the more popular modifications in 1996, but quickly got phased out with the release of QuakeWorld. The latter featured the ability to automatically download skins from the internet, plus featured the ability to have an unlimited number of skins, thereby making this modification obsolete.

MultiSkin Toggle List


  • BODYSKIN - Fixes the issue where the player corpse would use the vanilla Ranger skin instead of the skin the player was using.
  • New Skinz - An expansion to MultiSkin commonly included to extend the number of choices up to 32.
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