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Attack Damage

Gib Throw (17-29)

Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


Half-cousins of the zombies, the Mummy is a slow yet adamant foe. Your rockets will not be as effective whilst this undead horror saunters across the tombs and castles with only one thought on his rotting mind - "Brains with Chocolate Sauce"

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The Mummy is a semi-boss enemy in Dissolution of Eternity found in Curse of Osiris. The Mummy is much like the Zombie in its appearance and animation; it even has the same attack and makes the same noises. However, the Mummy is much stronger and can take a very high amount of damage.


Much like the Zombie that the Mummy is based off, it has just one attack, which is to throw its gibs at the player. But while the Zombie's gibs do 10 damage, the Mummy's does 17-29 damage, which is almost as powerful as a Vore's energy pod. Nevertheless, the Mummy's gib throw is still just as slow and easy to dodge and thus isn't much of a threat. Its main purpose is to be a bullet sponge-type enemy, because of its unusually high HP. However, unlike the Zombie, the Mummy will not resurrect when killed.


  • In the cross-shaped room where the Queen Mummy appears, it will appear from its coffin in the center. A few Multi Rockets will do the trick but beware the nailgun launchers in the outer area of the room. Due to the Mummy's slow speed, it will rarely make it out of the center before the player can kill it. The sloping paths going down from the center are the best place to stand.
  • There is an easy way to defeat the Queen Mummy without using up a lot of ammo on this monster's thick defense. When the coffin rises, immediately run underneath it. The Mummy will die the instant she teleports in because the player is in the way (monsters cannot telefrag the player in Quake, only vice versa).

Death Messages

  • "Player" was Mummified



The Mummy being aware of threat
The Mummy launching its projectile
The Mummy's projectile hitting somebody
The Mummy misfiring its projectile
The Mummy being injured
The Mummy collapsing
The Mummy being gibbed


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