P mynx
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5'8" (1.73 m)[1]


120 lbs. (54 kg)[1]


Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher

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I've been told that I'm good enough to die for.

—Mynx, insults her last victim.

Mynx is a playable character and an enemy warrior in Quake III Arena. Unlike past arenas you battle her with another bot, Orbb. She favors the Grenade Launcher or the Shotgun, and uses them aggressively. If she can't find the Grenade Launcher or the Shotgun, she prefers the Rocket Launcher instead.

She rarely camps at a spot generally plays on restocking, picking all possible armor at the map and staying away from other players' firefight, and playing on finishing the weak players in the arena. If player keeps the armor spawns at control when versing her the fight will be easier.

However, Mynx is a unique one to have above average accuracy with whole arsenal even at lower difficulties but still slow reaction time. With this aspect, you can treat her as the exact reverse type of Orbb who has swift turning speed but low accuracy at low difficulties. As difficulty raises you can find her trying to pick up the Quad Damage or Armor goodies in time and run around with Shotgun.

Mynx was named after Jen "Mynx" Bailey, author of the "Dear Mynx" columns in the '90s[2]. Her other names in chat lines are; "Hottie", "Hotstuff", "Hardcore", "Sexy", "Wild Vixen" and "Mynxie". She generally mentions some dirty jokes and her curves being mind-boggling in her chat lines. Beware, looking directly at her for a long time may cause some side effects, such as getting fragged.

Quake III bioEdit

Fashion model, porno queen, assassin: which is the real Mynx? She's a cross between Barb Wire and Trinity from The Matrix. Overly sexy, smart, edgy and dangerous, no one lays a hand on her and lives...unless she asks you to.


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