"Player" was spiked

—Death message

A Nail Trap is a hazard found in Quake which shoots nails (the same kind as the ones fired from the Nailgun) when the player approaches. Anything in its path will be hurt by these nails, including enemies. These traps can fire at varying rates, some shoot slowly while others fire in rapid succession. It is the Medieval equivalent of the Laser Trap.

A Concealed Nail Trap is a Nail Trap that is hidden behind a portrait. Beyond the hidden nature of the Concealed Nail Trap, there is little else that makes it differ from the standard Nail Trap.

In E2M7: the Underearth, there is a Nail Trap that has an elongated hole at the front of its base called a Multi-Nail Trap. Instead of firing a single nail, the Multi-Nail Trap can fire seven nails at once. These projectiles spread as they travel away from the Multi-Nail Trap, meaning it is advised to stay on the opposite side of the room from the hazard to avoid injury.


Nail Trap being fired
Nail Trap projectile colliding with a solid surface