The Napalm Grenade is a Weapon that is similar in appearance, sound, and functionality to a Grenade Launcher. The grenade shall explode, flying into the air before bursting into a pile of shrapnel that drops to the ground below. If these shrapnel are around an opponent, such as a Monster, it will burst into flames that will cause damage if touched. This Weapon can be selected by using impulse 77.

Note that this Weapon, unlike most others in the XTRAWEAPONS collection, can only be acquired by using Console Commands. On top of the Rocket that will be used, the player is also required to have 50 Cells. This should not be an issue as they need to cheat to obtain the Weapon in the first place. This also means that there is no proper Multiplayer support, there are no custom death messages included for this Weapon.


It is not advisable to use this Weapon. Not only is it inaccessible through any means beyond cheating, it is also ridiculously unstable to the point that it can crash the game. The unpredictable and unstable nature of this Weapon means it should only be used for experimentation purposes only.

The flames make this Weapon somewhat like the Phosphorus Grenade, though the explosion does not cause any damage to the opponent, meaning the player is entirely reliant on the ring of flames. This can be unpredictable, meaning it can fail to appear without reason.



  • Can cause a bit of damage if it works.
  • Has a fancier effect than the Phosphorus Grenade.
  • Because it requires cheats, Ammo is never a problem


  • Can't be used in Multiplayer.
  • Can only be acquired with cheats.
  • This Weapon is extremely buggy. It may randomly decide to run out of Ammo, especially upon starting a new level.
  • This Weapon also has a tendency to cause Packet Overflows due to all the particles.
  • Even if it doesn't, this Weapon tends to crash the game if fired 18+ times.
  • The flames can also be unpredictable, sometimes deciding to appear while other times not working.