Nikolai Sledjonovitch
Biographical information



St. Petersburg, Russia

Physical description





6'3" (190.5 cm)


240Lbs (108.9 kg)

Additional information

S.M.C., Rhino Squad

  • Heavy Weapons Expert

Sergeant Nikolai "Sledge" Slidjonovitch is a twenty-five-year-old Rhino Squad heavy weapons expert from St. Petersburg, Russia.


Slidjonovitch is the son of a Russian Olympic weightlifter, and was raised on a farm. Rather then going to college to study chemical engineering like his family expected, he joined the Space Marine Corps where he earned the nickname Sledge for dismembering a Strogg and using the limbs to fight off others until help arrived. Notably, Slidjonovitch was hospitalized for three weeks after killing a Strogg with his bare hands (while also having a bullet lodged in his lung).

Second Invasion on StroggosEdit

On Stroggos, Corporal Slidjonovitch covers Marian Bidwell's back at the trenches. When Kane returns after attacking the Strogg hangar, Slidjonovitch helps Morris and Scott Voss assault the anti-aircraft gun. During Operation: Advantage, Slidjonovitch is found at the Death convoy staging area, but isn't around for the rest of the operation.

After Kane is captured and Stroggified, Slidjonovitch is present in his rescue. While on the Hannibal, Slidjonovitch is promoted to Sergeant to replace the dead Bidwell. During Operation: Last Hope, Slidjonovitch helps Kane reach the top of the data processing tower and stays behind to guard the security console. He is later seen on the Hannibal, congratulating Kane.


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  • Slidjonovitch is six foot three inches tall (1.90 m), tying him with Bidwell, and is two hundred and forty pounds (108.862 kg), making him the heaviest member of Rhino Squad.
  • Despite being a heavy weapons expert, Slidjonovitch does not operate any heavy weaponry for the entire game, this role is often reserved for Kane.
  • Notably, the HUD identifies Slidjonovitch as Sgt. 'Sledge', including apostrophes, rather then Sgt. Slidjonovitch.
  • According to Eric Biessman, Slidjonovitch was named simply for the Sledge nickname.
  • He refers stroggs as squibs.
  • He can use the Machine Gun or the Hyperblaster as his main weapon.
  • Slidjonovitch is tough and almost won't die in game, he can handle himself well while Kane is busy, except in some escort situations that he will be vulnerable to enemy attack.


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