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In Quake, the Ogre Marksman is a monster very similar to the standard Ogre. The Ogre Marksman is not seen in any level in Quake, yet is found in the list of entities and can be therefore added to custom levels.

An Ogre Marksman does not make a sound upon detecting a player. The Ogre Marksman does produce a death message, though it does not state anything more than the player's name. As the Ogre Marksman is considered to be a different Monster, it can be provoked or provoke an Infight with a regular Ogre.

Death Messages

  • "Player"


The Ogre Marksman being aware of threat
The Ogre Marksman firing a grenade
The Ogre Marksman's grenade bouncing
The Ogre Marksman's grenade exploding
The Ogre Marksman assaulting somebody with his chainsaw
The Ogre Marksman being injured
The Ogre Marksman being killed
The Ogre Marksman being gibbed