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Old Deathmatch Mode! is a modification for Quake made by Timinator. This was directly inspired by Doom II's skill 5 Deathmatch. This modification is entirely designed to alter Deathmatch 2 mode, where Weapons do not disappear, but the player cannot pick up multiple instances. According to Timinator, id Software did not give enough Ammo for Weapons, making it easy to run out of Ammo. Furthermore, the Shotgun was extremely weak while the Rocket Launcher is hard to see in comparison to Doom II; making the latter the popular choice instead of Doom II, where accuracy was more heavily promoted.

Note that all changes are intended for Deathmatch 2 and the regular game should not change as a result of this mod.


  • The Axe, Shotgun, and Double-Barrelled Shotgun now do twice the damage they did before. The Axe was done due to the lack of a Chainsaw.
  • The Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun fire at a slower rate to match the reload rate in Doom II. There was a mistake for the Shotgun however, meaning it fires slower in regular games and fires normal in Deathmatch 2.
  • Ammo for picking up the initial Weapons have changed. Shell-based weaponry now starts with 40 (including the Shotgun the player starts with), Nail-based weaponry now starts at 120, Rocket-based weaponry now starts at 10, and the Thunderbolt starts at 60. All of this mirrors the values in Doom II.
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