Quake Wars  


The Oppressor is the Strogg equivalent to the Human Field Ops class, and is able to call in field support, in the forms of Rail Howitzers, Plasma Mortars, and Dark Matter Cannons. The Oppressor is equipped with a Lacerator and Blaster.

His task is to support The Team with artillery and orbital strikes on enemy positions.


  • Lacerator
  • Accurized Lacerator(unlockable)
  • Spikes
  • Shrap Grenade
  • Portable Shields
  • Violator Beacon
  • Rail Howitzer
  • Plasma Mortar
  • Dark Matter Cannon


  • Interestingly, AI oppressors may deploy fire support but will NEVER fire it (they will still use the violator beacon though).

Intrestingly, AI oppressors will deploy artillery but never use it.