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PRO-Q3TOURNEY7: Almost Lost

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PRO-Q3TOURNEY7: Almost Lost is a standalone map by id Software for Quake 3 Arena, which is available for download from the Internet.

The Map

The map was made by id Software during the development of Quake 3, yet it was not finished and included in the official release of the game. It was eventually found and recovered by Fred Nilsson. It was supposedly being created as an homage to The Edge from Quake 2, but being in the incomplete state that it was in, Fred Nilsson ended up just finishing the map off, and presented it to the public.[1] The map indeed has some architectural similarities with The Edge but is smaller. It also features a few unique new textures.

By default, the map's sole bot occupant is Xaero.

Its relatively small size makes it suitable for Tournament or Free for All games with a low number of participants.

A version of this map is also available in Quake Live.



Almost Lost features all weapons, except for the BFG10K.



  • The Megaheath requires a tricky jump to reach.




  • The map's name probably comes from the fact that it was (literally) almost lost and might have never been seen by the Quake community, if it had not been found within the archives.
  • Another "lost" map that was made by id Software but not included in the official release of Quake III: Team Arena is Beyond Reality II.


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