P patriot
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6'1" (1.85 m)[1]


180 lbs. (82 kg)[1]


Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher

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Enhanced Mutant[1]

"To fight and die for what one believes, that is a worthy life.


Patriot appears in and is a playable character in Quake 3 Arena. He is an enemy warrior in Tier 4 in the singleplayer mode of Quake 3 Arena.

When in combat you can see this cyborg vampire jumping around oftenly. When he's alone and away from combat you can expect him to camp soft spots of the map. Favors Plasma Gun and Rocket Launcher.

Quake III biography Edit

A twisted combination of cybronic implants and supernatural powers, Patriot is a throwback to the days of nationalism-before mankind found other enemies among the stars.

Patriot is a sort of hip, cyber-vampire. Implants impart additional speed and strength to his already substantial arsenal of abilities and create a more efficient channel through which he can drain psychic energy from his victims. Now, the hunger to conquer and win overrides the pale cravings of his cold flesh.[1]


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