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Pentamid is a Multiplayer level. This level features 3 separate floors. A major focus of the level was on maintaining a consistent frame rate.

Spawn Locations

Important Item Locations




Type Count
Easy Normal Hard / Nightmare
Zombie 1 1 1
Knight 1 1 1
Total 20 20 20

Room-By-Room Summarization

Upper Floor

  • Zombie on small corner platform beside Nailgun platform.
  • Knight on longer side platform to the the right of the Single Player start, jumps to the central platform.
  • Yellow Armor on Zombie platform.
  • Nailgun on longer side platform, opposite side from Knight side.
  • Grenade Launcher on small corner platform, Knight side of room.
  • 2 Shells on the central platform, 1 at each end of the archways.
  • 2 Nails on Knight platform, beside corner platform.
  • 2 Rockets on Knight platform, far side from corner platform.
  • Two 25 Health, one on each side of the central throne.
  • Lava covers most of the floor.
  • Moving Platform circles around the central platform.
  • Standing on the throne causes the message "Welcome to the Pentamid." to be displayed. It also causes the Author's Initials to temporarily raise out of the Lava directly behind the throne.

Middle Floor

Lower Floor

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