Personal Medkit

In Quake 3, the Personal Medkit is a holdable power up that restores the user's health to 100, no matter how low it is. It respawns every 60 seconds after it's picked up.


  • The Personal Medkit can easily change the tide of a firefight. When your health reaches critical level (25 or under), use it. It'll usually give you enough of a boost to take out the enemy that was giving you trouble just a second ago.
  • Personal Medkits are also be useful when you need to heal up and can't find and Medikits. As stated earlier, use it when your health is at critical level, or it'll be a waste.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Medkit at 100 health and it will boost you up to 125, afterward the health rots normally back to 100.


  • Its appearance is that of a syringe containing an unknown red fluid.