Personal Teleporter

In Quake 3, the Personal Teleporter is a holdable Powerup that places in your inventory. Sends the user to a random respawn point determined on the map when used. If a person holding a flag uses it, the flag will be dropped. Respawns 60 seconds after it is picked up.


  • The Personal Teleporter can be a life-saver if used correctly. If you're low on health and hear or see multiple foes with powerful weapons nearby and you can't grab any Medikits, use it. You'll be out of danger, deny the enemy a frag and (hopefully) be near some health pickups for recovery.
  • It's also useful when you're on the losing end of a firefight, one on one. Teleport away and you'll deny the enemy a frag! Alas, you might get killed before or as soon as you teleport due to an unlucky position or encountering a fresh respawned opponent in a crowded match.
  • Teleporting away can help you have a shock trooper effect when possessing a super weapon like BFG10k, Chain Gun or highly offensive power-ups like Quad Damage or Battle Suit.
  • Teleporter can grant you another recovery point if you ever failed to find goodies in time or you certainly need to locate some important target before they can restock by advancing to another end of the map.
  • The Teleporter can be used if you are about to fall into the void in space levels such as Space Chamber, this only work before the character turns to giblet by sheer velocity.
  • On certain maps, the Teleport will allow you to enter otherwise inaccessible areas, behind environmental hazards or hotly contested choke points. Such areas could contain powerful weapons or other goodies.
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