Phantom Swordsman
Phantom Swordsman


Attack Damage

Slash (4-9)

Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


A disembodied spectral sword that will slash the player at many turns.

Dissolution of Eternity Manual

The Phantom Swordsman (or simply Sword) is an Enemy introduced in Dissolution of Eternity. It takes the appearance of a large sword attached to a wall. When the player gets close, the sword flies off the wall and swings through the air towards him. It's described as a "disembodied spectral sword that will slash the player at many turns".


The Phantom Swordsman is invulnerable until it detaches from wall. After this it will try to fly close to player and repeatedly slash them. To avoid this, the player is advised to keep back whilst attacking. When the Sword gets to point blank, it will deliver very fast attacks of 4 to 9 damage. Whilst this may seem low, the speed of its attacks can mount up, dealing heavy damage.

Like the Knight and Rotfish, the Phantom Swordsman only has a melee attack, thus it can't provoke monster infights.


  • Approach the Sword and wait for it fly off the wall and move back. Attack with a quick weapon like your Nailgun. The Sword can move faster than the player can expect, and if he is in a tight corridor, the Sword can be on his back.
  • It's advisable to use non-explosive weapons and as the Sword has quite low health (150hp), the Double-Barrelled Shotgun or any Nailgun (Super or Normal) works very well against this foe.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was slit open by a Phantom Swordsman


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