The Phosphorus Grenade is a Weapon that is similar in appearance, sound, and functionality to a Grenade Launcher. Upon exploding, however, a flame shall be left behind that provides a light source for ten seconds before getting dimmer. After another ten seconds, the light source will fade completely. Note that the flame can injure any player that gets too close to it. This Weapon can be selected by using impulse 75.

While the Phosphorus Grenade does not have a pickup message, it is acquired when the player gets a Grenade Launcher. Note that the Phosphorus Grenade is a separate entity however; using a cheat to acquire a Grenade Launcher will not give the player a Phosphorus Grenade.


This Weapon works much like a Grenade Launcher, meaning the player can use it in a similar method to how they would use said Weapon. The main difference is that while a normal grenade would just explode, the Phosphorus Grenade will burst into flames, which in turn will likely cause additional injury to the opponent before they are able to get away.

Furthermore, the flames can be used as a portable, if expensive, light source for the player to make their way through a very dark area. Note that this could also be used as a warning sign for opponents, however.



  • Like a Grenade Launcher, but with a little extra pain.
  • Provides a temporary light source that lasts a bit longer and further than an explosion/Weapon shot. Depending on the map, this can be quite useful.


  • Expensive at 10 Rockets, would be better to fire 10 Grenade Launcher shots than one of these if intended for combat.
  • As flames are used as decorations, these could easily be mistaken as misplaced torches/flames. Could be beneficial or negative depending on who falls for this.
  • At a cost of 10 Rockets, it is perhaps better to rely on sporadic explosion lights to find your way out, since the player will only get 10 shots maximum to find their way out of a pitch black area.

Death Messages

Death by Own Phosphorus Grenades

  • "Player" tries to put the pin back in

Death by Enemy Phosphorus Grenades

  • "Player" gets roasted by "Attacker"'s Phosphorus grenade