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Pipebombs is a modification for Quake made by AsmodeusB. This modification gives the player the ability to fire a pipe bomb, as long as they have a Rocket, by pressing impulse 61. This projectile is relatively similar to the one fired by the Grenade Launcher, except there is no sound when it is fired. These pipe bombs will not blow up until the player decides to do such and will bounce off opponents. All pipe bombs will be detonated at the same time when the player uses impulse 62.

Note this pipebomb will be thrown regardless of the Weapon the player is holding. As it is considered a an alternative mode for the Grenade Launcher, the author chose impulses 61 and 62 as they were sub-headings of impulse 6 (meaning they are intended to be seen as 6.1 and 6.2), which is used to call the Grenade Launcher.