The Plasma Cannon is a Weapon that appears identical to a Grenade Launcher, but fires projectiles similar to those fired by a Scrag. This Weapon also fires at a similar rate to the Laser Gun and sounds like a Plasma Gun from Doom. This Weapon is selected by pressing impulse 10.

This Weapon cannot be found in the world and instead can only be acquired by using the "give all" Weapon cheat. This is set to impulse 11.

As this Weapon can only be acquired with the impulse 11 cheat, it does not work in Multiplayer. There are no supported death messages anyway. The intent primarily was showing that new Weapons could be added without removing the old ones, making this more of a test Weapon than one intended for general use.


Firing at a similar rate to a Shotgun, this Weapon should be relatively easy for a beginner to use. The biggest difficulty with this Weapon will be acquiring Cell Ammo, though the player can easily be given a good supply by using impulse 11, which they needed to use to get the Weapon in the first place.



  • Is pretty much identical in functionality to the Laser Gun, but fires two shots at once for twice the damage.
  • Because it requires cheats, Ammo is never a problem, even if it eats twice as much as the Laser Gun.
  • Can be aimed with ease and doesn't carry the risk of Splash Damage.
  • Can Gib a Scrag in a single shot.


  • Can't be used in Multiplayer
  • Can only be acquired with cheats
  • Due to the nature of how it must be acquired, it isn't really useful for general gameplay


Plasma Cannon being fired
Plasma Cannon projectile colliding with a solid surface