Potpourri is a Single Player and Multiplayer level. This level was the second made by Darren Stabler, the first being Basic Castle. Josh K. Stabler was responsible for refining the level and the name.

This level was designed to be the opposite of Basic Castle. Rather than make another large complex level, Darren Stabler decided to instead focus on more detailed architecture, feeling that Basic Castle was too crude in its design.

While primarily designed to be a Deathmatch level for more than 6 players, it was untested.

Quick Level Completion

  • Turn left to enter the room proper, then turn right.
  • The Water straight ahead holds the level exit at the bottom, but a Moveable Wall blocks it.
  • Turn right to reach a pair of Doors, go through either to reach the next room.
  • Turn right to head down a flight of stairs, then turn right once more.
  • Head down the long corridor and go up the ramp at the end.
  • Turn right, then go through the Door at the end.
  • Proceed forward to head up a ramp, then turn right at the top.
  • Head up another ramp, then turn around and descend yet another ramp.
  • Turn right, then touch the structure on the wall to open the exit.
  • Return to the Water and descend to exit the level.




Turn left as you spawn into the level to enter the room. Kill the 2 Grunts to your right and the 2 Enforcers on the rafters to the right. Collect the 25 Health to the left of the start, then turn right to drop into a pool of Water. Kill the 2 Rotfish in the pool. The bottom has a Movable Wall which will lead directly to the exit, you must find the way to open this up. Return to the surface and then head up either ramp near the pool of Water to reach the rafters of the room. Head to the intersection of the two ramps to collect the 15 Health. Head down the right ramp straight ahead to reach a structure with the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, then repeat the procedure in the opposite corner to collect the Yellow Armor. The Yellow Armor ramp is too steep to return up, so instead turn left and drop to the ground to return to the starting position. Head to the middle of the room while turning right, then turn right once more to reach a pair of Doors. Both lead to the same area, so go through either to enter the next room, an area with dual lights and a pool of Water. Drop into the Water to collect the Grenade Launcher at the bottom, then return to the room above. There is a doorway to your right and a doorway to your left, go through the left one while turning left. Kill the 2 Grunts inside, then go up the Elevator in the lower left corner. Follow the rafter around to collect 2 Shells, then turn right to kill the Enforcer. Turn right once more, then head up the next ramp to collect the Nailgun. Return to the room below. You have a couple routes from the area you are currently at, the Water and two other doorways. Collect the Nails beside the staircase across from the entrance to the room, then head through the doorway across from the Water.

Turn left to kill a Zombie, then continue forward to collect the Rockets. Turn right to head through another doorway, then collect the 25 Health to your left. There are a few intersections in this room as well, once again a pool of Water (between two pillars) and two other doorways from where you entered. Turn left and head through the left doorway from the entrance to kill an Enforcer, then head down the hallway before turning right. You are now in a room with three windows in the shapes of hammers, kill the 2 Grunts on the opposite side from the entrance. Head to the upper left corner to jump on a wooden platform, then jump up the steps heading into the room to collect the Super Nailgun. Return to the room below, once again you have a pool of Water as well as two exits, one being a ramp and the other being a Door. Head down the ramp, then duck underneath it to collect the two 25 Health. Continue down the corridor to collect 2 Nails and kill 2 Zombies. Straight ahead is a staircase leading back to the intersection near the start, so instead turn right to look into another room. Kill the Spawn near the ground and the 3 Grunts on the platform across from you. Head down the ramp to collect the 100 Health in the middle of the room and the 2 Shells under the left ramp. Head up either ramp to collect the Rockets and 25 Health, then return to the room with the three windows.

Drop into the Water, then follow the hole by turning left to collect the Yellow Armor. Straight ahead leads back to the two pillar room, so instead raise to the surface while turning right to reach an underground corridor. Kill the Fiend, then continue forward to collect the 25 Health and Rocket Launcher. To the right is a wall of Water, this is a red herring and doesn't lead anywhere or serve any purpose. Drop into the Water straight ahead, then turn left to collect the 25 Health. Raise to the surface to return to the area below the balcony with the Nailgun. Return to the Door of the three window room and go through it, then turn left to kill the Knight on the ramp. Turn around, then head up the opposite ramp before turning left at the top. Kill the Knight on the far side, you are now in a room with a red window on the ceiling. Head down the platform to collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, Shells, and two 25 Health. Return once more to the lower floor to reach another intersection. The doorway to the right of the Door leads back to the two pillar room, so instead go straight to head up a ramp. Kill the 3 Scrags through the window at the top, then turn left to kill the 2 Enforcers. Collect the 2 Shells on the side of the ramp in front of you, then collect the two 25 Health on the side of the ramp behind you. The 25 Health side has a ramp, while the Shells side has two Teleporters. Ignore the right Teleporter as it just leads back to the starting room, instead going through the left Teleporter while inching slowly to avoid falling off the platform you teleport to. You end up on a balcony overlooking the two pillar room, turn left to collect the Quad Damage. Retrace your steps up the ramp to the 2 Teleporters, then head up the opposite side to go up the ramp you previously ignored. Kill the Spawn at the top.

Behind you is a second ramp leading to the area you killed the Scrags. Ignore this for the time being, instead continuing forward into a larger area with a structure in the middle of it. Head to the upper left corner to start heading around the structure, then kill the Death Knight in the next section. Collect the Nails and 25 Health beside the window, then continue forward to the next section while turning right. Kill the Ogre in this portion of the room. To the right is a slow moving Elevator, the top of the route you previously ignored with the Nails staircase. Continue forward before turning right again, then kill the Vore. Collect the 25 Health and Rockets beside the window, then continue forward while turning right to return to the entrance of this section. Go down the ramp you previously ignored to get to the area you killed the Scrags. Collect the 25 Health in the middle of the room and the 2 Nails in the lower right corner. Turn right to look into the room, to the right is a structure in the form of a target. Push the Structure to display the message "Force Shield down! Gate Activated!". You have now opened the Movable Wall at the bottom of the pool in the starting room, allowing you to exit the level. Turn around, you will be facing two more Teleporters. Ignore the right one as it just leads to the room with the 100 Health, instead going through the left Teleporter. You will land on a balcony overlooking the room where you fought the first Zombie, turn left to collect the Ring of Shadows. Turn right and drop to the ground, then continue through the doorway. Turn right to enter the next room, the opposite side of the double Doors beside the starting room. Go through them, then drop into the Water. Swim to the bottom to land in a ring and exit the level.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Grunt 9 9 9
Zombie 3 3 3
Knight 2 2 2
Enforcer 6 6 6
Spawn 2 2 2
Scrag 3 3 3
Ogre 1 1 1
Death Knight 1 1 1
Fiend 1 1 1
Vore 1 1 1
Total 31 (33) 31 (33) 31 (33)


Spawn Locations

  • Single Player start
  • Across from the Single Player start
  • Three window room
  • Window beside top of slow moving Elevator
  • 100 Health room. (corrupt)
  • Red window room (corrupt)
  • Two Teleporter room with ramp.
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