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Pov2Map is a file converter for Quake made in 1996 by John Danks. As nobody would let him beta test their editors, he decided to create his own. As soon as he found a decent editor and he felt nobody was interested in his converter, he stated he would stop development. Using the specs of the Quake Brush Generator, he figured out how to convert a box from POV-Ray to Quake.

Lights are supported by the converter, it simply takes the light component in the .MDL file (Moray 2.0 datafile) and multiplies it by 500 for the .MAP file. If a filename wasn't given, it would display an error and ask for the correct syntax.

There were many limitations with the converter. It was impossible for the converter to determine rotation angle as John Danks was unsure how to accomplish this task. He also lacked access to uploading to FTP, meaning he was limited to making a text only website at best for the converter.