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All power-ups except armor burn out after a while, so smoke 'em while you got 'em.

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Powerups or Power-ups are items that can be collected that are not Weapons or Ammo. A Powerup can grant the user an advantage over her or his threats. There are 16 Powerups in Quake.

Artifacts are what are most commonly thought of as Powerups. They last for a period of time before being depleted, they offer some ability the player would not otherwise have, and they are relatively uncommon or hidden in Secrets.

Armor is a protective resource that prevents the player from taking as much damage. Without said resource, the player will be more likely to die if hit too often.

Restorative Powerups are commonly referred to as "Health". They heal the player if needed or boost the player's health for a period of time in the case of the 100 Health.

Progressive Powerups refer to resources that need to be collected in order to progress through a level. The level cannot be generally completed unless said resource is acquired.

Types of Powerups






  • Sandy Petersen once suggested that the player could pick up a Powerup that would allow them to fly for 15 seconds. This idea was quickly shot down, however, since the skybox was too low for it to be practical. Furthermore, the player could have used it to avoid numerous traps and puzzles. It would have also caused issues with Monster targeting. [1]