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Proximity Launcher
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 95 [direct impact]
  • 28-95 [splash damage]
Maximum Ammunition

100 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

100 rpm

Muzzle Velocity

~51 mph


Scourge of Armagon

These are definitely not your typical grenade launchers. Gameplay reaches new heights of strategic intensity with these motion-sensitive mines. Launch them into walls and ceilings and leave a little surprise for your enemies.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

Gameplay reaches new heights with motion sensitive mines. Plant these nasty toys on walls, floors, or even the ceiling and watch as unsuspecting foes are blown into little bits.

Ritual’s official website

Not your typical grenade launcher. Gameplay reaches new heights of strategic intensity with these motion sensitive mines.

Activision’s official website

The Proximity Launcher, (also can be called the Proximity Gun or Mine Launcher) is a Weapon that was introduced in and is only available to Scourge of Armagon for Quake. It appears as a red colored Grenade Launcher. It launches proximity mines which will only explode if an Enemy or the player gets near them. Its grenades also stick to walls and ceilings. The Proximity Gun shares ammo with the Grenade Launcher and the Rocket Launcher. The lifespan of a proximity mine is somewhat random but never lasts longer than one minute.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Proximity mines will start to track their surroundings only after a second or two after they were deployed.
  • Proximity mines don't explode instantly: They let out a "beep" sound and go off after second or so after it. Fast enemies may sometimes rush past deployed mine before it explodes.
  • Proximity mines don't emit alerting sound at the end of their lifespan — they just explode.

Sounds[edit | edit source]

Proximity Launcher being fired
Proximity mine lands
Proximity mine about to explode
Proximity mine explodes after a second

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • "Player" got too friendly with "Attacker"'s bomb
  • "Player" did the rhumba with "Attacker"'s bomb
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