The Pulse Cannon is a replacement for the Nailgun found in the Happy Fun Quake Server. The Pulse Cannon is more powerful than the standard Nailgun, dishing out more than twice as much damage per each shot. Furthermore, it uses Pulse Rounds to fire laser beams that are identical to those fired by the Enforcer or Laser Trap.

This is the only custom Weapon in the Happy Fun Quake Server. This is also the only weapon to use Pulse Rounds, which replace Shells but appear and function similar. As Shells do not exist in their normal form in the Happy Fun Quake Server, the Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun require no Ammo to use.


The Pulse Cannon uses the most common form of Ammo in Quake and causes more damage per second than the Super Nailgun. Furthermore, it can shoot twice as many projectiles and has perfect accuracy. Needless to say, while the Super Nailgun is not entirely obsolete, it is made far less useful with the addition of this weapon.

Compared to the vanilla weapons, the Pulse Cannon is far more powerful to the point where it becomes less practical to use anything else unless you run out of Pulse Rounds. Since this gun doesn't use Nails, that means the Super Nailgun can have its own stock building up to allow for quick switching between the two rapid-fire Weapons.



  • Kills things at a slightly faster rate than a Super Nailgun while providing greater accuracy and wasting less Ammo.
  • Has a much further range than the Thunderbolt and isn't a risk under the Water.
  • Ammo is extremely common; using other Weapons shall mostly be a case of running out of Ammo for this gun.


Death Messages

  • "Player" was drilled by "Attacker"


Pulse Cannon being fired
Pulse Cannon projectile colliding with a solid surface