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Not to be confused with Quake II.

Q2 or Q2 for Quake is a commercial add-on for Quake developed by Underworld Software. It was published by Micro Star and CrystalVision Brand Software. This add-on was released on November 11, 1996. It is possible to confuse this add-on with the similarly named Quake II, especially since the name Q2 is short for Quake 2.


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The protagonist finds himself trapped in the underworld of Crystal Rock. He must destroy Quake's Forces once more and find his way to a Slipgate to return to the world above.


The levels in Q2 are not put into episodes like Quake. Instead, all levels can be directly accessed by a level select screen. There are 51 Single Player levels and 50 Deathmatch (referred to as Multiplayer due to Cooperative Mode not being supported) levels. Single Player and Multiplayer levels do not overlap, meaning that a Single Player level does not have a Deathmatch variant like in Quake. There are no Level Exits, even in the Single Player levels, meaning a player simply is finished after killing the last Enemy. There are also no differences in Difficulty. Furthermore the levels lack their own Soundtrack.

Rear Cover Inconsistencies

  • One of the blurbs states "NEW secrets to find", yet there are no Secrets in Q2.
  • The image on the rear cover showcases a level in the Canton theme. However, the complexity of the level exceeds anything found in Q2. The Pentagram structure in particular is highly anomalous, plus it is rare for a Q2 level to have stairs and three textures. There also appears to be a Radioactive Container in the distance, yet another thing seen rarely in Q2.
  • Furthermore, two Fiends with the ALIEN XENOMORPH skin, a Custom .MDL File. They do not exist in Q2 (nor do any custom MDL files).


Many players that bought this add-on were disappointed with this pack. The new textures used for levels were disliked, though the greatest criticism by far was the similarity of the levels. Many of the levels were seen as being near exact copies of one another with only a few minor changes and a different texture. The levels were filled with rather weak enemies, it was impossible to exit the level, and the architecture was usually not more complex than box-shaped rooms on a single floor. The lighting was usually the same for all of the rooms, a light source placed in the middle of the room. With no redeeming factors, this add-on has received only negative feedback.