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This article appeared in Quake III Arena  

Q3DM1 is the second map in Quake 3 Arena, also known as the Arena Gate.

The Map[]

This map is a simple map but with very heavy graphics. The part where you start is an open area where the Rocket Launcher resides in the center. Two pillars lie at either side with stairs with health and armor leading up it. When you enter the gate through the center doorway, to your right is the Shotgun. Even further in the gate there is an intersection where the two corridors lead to the same point, the back room. In the back room resides a Plasma Gun, some ammo, and a colossal demon mouth. Inside is the Red Armor.


  • Shotgun - Located just inside the main entrance on the left when going in.
  • Rocket Launcher - Located outside the building in the middle of the area.
  • Plasma Gun - Located inside the building at the back on its own area in the middle of the room.


  • Armour Shards - Are located mostly outside the building on the edges of the area alongside Health (25).
  • Heavy Armour - This is located at the very back of the building inside the dragon, heavily fought over.


The map is very symmetrical and easy to navigate and not get lost in, making it a very good map for 1v1s. Note that there is very few power ups however - only the Heavy Armour makes an appearance.


This map is known as the map where the bots start to actually be a threat. If you are brand new, Ranger on medium difficulties will wreck you if you allow him to get restocked, so it is highly advisable to cut him off as his path is very predictable. If you known where he spawns as he will take the shortest route to each item, these being the Rocket Launcher, the Plasma Gun and the Heavy Armour.

Ranger tends to want to power up in this map, getting his beloved Rocket Launcher and Plasma Gun as well as the Heavy Armour to become godlike.

On higher difficulties it is imperative to do this otherwise he will take you out very quickly and is impossible to kill with Heavy Armour on. Note that even though he grabs the Shotgun, he rarely uses it. Camping in the back room is a good strategy as it will give you access to the Plasma Gun, Heavy Armour and a lot of room to avoid Rockets that he will throw at you.


  • This map has the look of a church or cathedral that has been taken over by hell, reminding many of Quake 1.
  • The map's large courtyard features two large statues - one of Visor and one of Major.
  • This was one of the four maps included in the original Quake 3 demo. Others being Q3DM7, Q3DM17 and Q3TOURNEY2.