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QJoe is a modification for Quake made by Joe Sola. With this modification, the player can randomly be being given a second chance at life. Said players will move around as disembodied heads and can do most other things that don't involve using a Weapon or being normal height (such as pushing a Button on a wall).

The detached head relies entirely on its small size, since it has only 20 health and thus can be easily killed by most opponents. Note however that Monsters cannot use ranged attacks against a head, making it easy to navigate around certain opponents without alternative attacks such as the Vore or Grunt.

The disembodied head can only attack by biting their opponents, meaning they must reach melee range. This bite is relatively weak, only causing five damage per bite. Players wishing to bite each other without turning into disembodied heads can freely do such by using impulse 50 to switch to the invisible bite weapon.

If they can reach a Green Armor, which has been modified to become a "Instant Body" box, they can return to their original body (which brings them back to a spawn location) on top of getting a free Green Armor. Note however that the player is not given any Ammo, they must find some themselves. Players that pick up the "Instant Body" box without being a disembodied head just get the regular Green Armor.

There is also a part of this modification permitting Monsters to turn into disembodied heads, though they still use their original attacks. This portion of the code does not actually function however.

The player can also easily fall through the world or get stuck in places as a disembodied head. It is also easy to see through stairs or encounter other visual anomalies due to the small size of the player.

New Obituaries

  • "Your Body Has Died, But Your Head Lives On!" (message player revives upon becoming a disembodied head)
  • "Player" was eaten by "Attacker"'s latenight snack (killed with impulse 50 attack or by a player that is a disembodied head)
  • "Player" was killed by a disembodied head (killed by Monster that is just a head; not used in-game as no monsters can become disembodied heads)


Bite attack (either from a player or disembodied head)


Version History


  • "Microscopic changes". The source code appears identical to what was found in 1.9.


  • Official release
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