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QTeam is a modification for Quake made by Gary Griggs on August 16, 1996. This modification adds a "teamplay 2" Console Command with various enhancements for Deathmatch play.

Upon entering "teamplay 2", the player must use the "temp1" Console Command to specify how many teams they wish to have. This can range anywhere from 2-8. Each team is a solid color.

All players start each level as "Ghost Morons". They float around at a slow rate, cannot attack or be harmed, and cannot interact with objects. Ghost Morons are white but are not part of a team, they must join or create one. Ghost Morons that don't join/create teams will be killed every thirty seconds. Note that a "Ghost Moron" that commits suicide can cause the server to crash.

The "create_team" Console Command can be used to create a new team, colors are automatically assigned as needed. To join another player's team, the player can type "join_" along with the color team they wish to join; such as "join_red" or "join_blue". Players can also designate colors by using the color commands, though it is not recommended to do such due to rankings being based on the new commands.

The scores shown on the status bar do not reflect those of the individuals, but of the entire team. Due to limitations in the Quake engine, only one player can display the team score at a time, the rest will be kept at -99 to be out of normal visibility. Players can see individual scores by using the Console Command "dump_iscores". This means fraglimit is also based on the entirety of a team, a player with a negative value will require the other members to get higher frag limits to balance the team total.

Killing someone with friendly fire (another team member) results in the killer losing a frag; this also affects the team as a whole.

Swapping teams results in all acquired frags for that individual player being lost, thereby modifying the team score as needed.

Version History

1.50 - September 17, 1996

  • Adds support for Capture the Flag and Tag. Both modes requires custom maps to be made to support said features.
  • Includes qflag.bsp by: Giggler as an example for Capture the Flag.

1.00 - August 16, 1996

  • Official release
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