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QUAKE NEW ITEMS is a modification for Quake. This modification is a Powerup manager, allowing the player to store up to 9 of each of the Powerups at a single time. When the player dies in Deathmatch, they drop one of each unused Powerups the player has in their inventory. This allows the player to store Powerups as needed until they actually need to use them.

New impulse keys have been defined so the player can choose when to use an individual Powerup. Impulse 100 uses a Quad Damage, impulse 101 uses a Pentagram of Protection, impulse 102 uses a Ring of Shadows, and impulse 103 uses a Biosuit (referred to in the usage message as an Envirosuit).

Impulse 9 (give all weapons and Keys) has been moved to impulse 250, while impulse 11 (give a Rune) has been moved to impulse 251. Impulse 252 is a new cheat that allows the player to immediately get nine of each of the Powerups.