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QUAKE Project1 is a modification for Quake made by Peter. This modification consists of a collection of various QuakeC patches put together into one PROGS.DAT file.


  • Impulse 133 - Turn on/off Powerups at will. This allows the player to retain a Powerup, at least until they die or otherwise use it up, and turn it on as desired. Turning on the Powerup continues the timer where it left off, meaning this is fully for strategic usage within the allotted time frame as opposed to having it unnecessarily running when it isn't needed.
  • Impulse 134 - Tosses a Backpack with the current Weapon and half the appropriate Ammo on the ground for other players to pick up. Using this impulse on the Axe allows the player to give half of all Ammo types and no Weapons. Using this impulse on the Shotgun will drop half of the player's Rockets and no Weapons.

Gameplay Changes

New Game Modes

  • Deathmatch 3 - Similar to Deathmatch 2, meaning players can only pick up Weapons one time per each spawn. Health pickups, such as 25 Health, and Ammo respawn after 20-40 seconds. The Quad Damage and Biosuit respawn after 10-110 seconds. All other Powerups respawn after 10-510 seconds.
  • Teamplay 69 - Players can kill their teammates, but doing such results in them losing a frag.

New Obituaries

  • ...and somebody died. (Death by unknown causes)
  • Team have a problem: (Used at the start of a death message in Teamplay 69)


Randomly used by Monsters.
A Backpack dropping to the ground.
Turning on/off Impulse 133 after a Powerup is picked up.
Player Breathing (Happens at random, happens more frequently at lower health values).
Double-Barrelled Shotgun reloading,
Player footsteps, is caused based on velocity.
Player collides with a brush surface such as a wall.