Qtest was intended as a tech demo, but the community was quick to start modifying the files, resulting in numerous files made for the program. Due to the differences between the two programs, these files are entirely incompatible with Quake itself.

While Qtest was entirely intended to be a Deathmatch test, id Software accidentally included the Monster files. Various tools and levels were created to incorporate them into the game. This led to a highly publicized and talked about showcase of the creatures before Quake was released.

Note that the Grunt and Ranger skins are interchangeable with one another. This often led to the belief that the Grunt was intended to be an AI version of the player.

There appears to be a lack of communication with which Monsters were able to be used, resulting in contradictions like the Fiend being assumed to be unable to be used. This in turn means that some model files were designed with the wireframe for a different opponent than the one that it replaces. Note that doing this results in constant errors if the Monster is killed.


Date Name Base Description Link
2/26/1996 TEST1M TEST1 Adds some Ogres, Knights, and Scrags to the level. Mediafire
2/29/1996 ARMY HELL TEST2 Adds eight Grunts to the level. Mediafire
2/29/1996 Ogres&Wizards TEST3 Adds some Ogres and Scrags (plus a Knight) to the level. Mediafire
3/9/1996 Damage1 TEST1 Includes some additional Red Armors and other random resources. Mediafire
3/30/1996 VOMIT TEST1 Adds some Ogres, Grunts, Shamblers, and Vomitus to the level. Comes with softer detection sound than default. Mediafire
6/12/1996 1EVILWAY TEST1 Adds some Ogres, Knights, and a Scrag to the level.
 ? DUNGEON TEST2 Adds some Ogres, Knights, and a Shambler to the level.


Name Texture Head Torso Arm Sound Files
AquaDuke DukeTexQtest DukeHeadTexQtest DukeTorso DukeArm
Detection Sound
Death Sound
Avatar RedYellowDude
Boba Fett BobaFett
CureMode CurePlayTexQtest CurePlayHeadTexQtest CurePlayTorsoTexQtest
DarkToad MrToad ToadHead ToadTorso ToadArm
Quake 50K Q50KPlayer Q50KPlayerHead Q50KPlayerTorso Q50KPlayerArm
Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!= Superman
The Terminator Terminator TerminatorHeadQtest TerminatorTorso TerminatorArm

Name Texture Sound Files
Darth Vader Vader
Lightsaber being swung
Kill the Sysop! SysopKnight

Name Texture
Kill the Sysop! SysopOgre

Name Texture

Name Texture


  • EXTRACT/UNPACK - Extracts the files from id1.pak. Necessary to modify Qtest.
  • QMapHack - A series of editing utilities. DECON splits the .BSP into a collection of .TXT files, 2 .BIN files, 2 .LST files, and a bunch of .MIP files. RECON compiles it all back together. MIP2BMP takes a .MIP file and creates a .BMP file from it; there is no converter to restore it to .MIP.
  • QUAKE TEST-1 LAUNCHER - A front-end for Qtest, gives the player the ability to change settings, requires Windows 95.
  • Quake (Test1) Monster Patcher - Replaces the Double-Barrelled Shotgun in TEST1 with a Rotfish, Scrag, Dragon, Knight, Ogre, or Fiend (depending on user specification).
  • Quake Dialer/Terminal! - Sets up Qtest settings, as well as phone settings, to make a COM1 connection.
  • QuakeLoader/ModemOnly version - Allows the player the ability to play with others through COM ports.
  • QUAKEMON - Used to import monsters into the QTEST levels. Requires Windows 95.
  • SIRQUAKE - Sets up a COM port connection to play through the modem.