Quake's Guardian
Quake's Guardian


Attack Damage
  • Laser Beam (45)
  • Staff Butt (10-20)
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


Quake's Guardian is the first Boss Guardian in Dissolution of Eternity. It appears like a normal Greek Guardian but is much tougher. It's fought at the end of Tempus Fugit.


Staff Beam

Quake's Guardian fires three green salvos from its staff in an arc. Each beam does 15 damage, making for a total of 45 per attack. The beams move very quickly through the air, thus making them difficult to dodge at close range.

Staff Butt

If the player gets close, Quake's Guardian may hit him/her with the butt of his staff, doing around 10 - 20 damage.


Once the player has defeated the Fiend and two Ogres, follow one of the corridors to the left or right to a large outdoor room with a sealed portal. After a few moments, Quake's Guardian will appear from the ground and attack. Take cover at one of the corridors the player just arrived from and attack it. As soon as damage is done, Guardians will begin to appear from different points in the room. The more damage the player does to Quake's Guardian, the more Guardians will appear.

Continue to concentrate on Quake's Guardian whilst backing down the corridor if any of the Guardians get too close. If a normal Guardian does get in the way, it doesn't take much to kill it. Once Quake's Guardian is killed (confirmed by an onscreen message), no more Guardians will appear and the player can either finish off what remains or head for the portal when it is unsealed. The best weapon to use is the Rocket Launcher with Multi Rockets.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was crushed by a Guardian



  • When Quake's Guardian is killed, a message appears saying "..."
  • This enemy is referred to as "Quake's Gaurdian" in game, though this is almost certainly a typo.
  • Quake's Guardian is the only boss/enemy in Dissolution of Eternity to not ever being torn to pieces upon his defeat. Moreover, in Dissolution of Eternity official manual they are mentioned as "demi-gods" and their bodies simply fall through the ground back where they came from, implying that the player just returns them to eternal slumber instead of actually killing them.


Quake's Guardian awakens from his slumber
Quake's Guardian receiving damage
Quake's Guardian getting killed

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