Quake102..... -Dave or Quake102 is a Single Player and Multiplayer level. This is an update of David Langeliers' first level; additions include a Thunderbolt, Water, and the rotation of some walls.

This level was also used as an example file for Mbuild under the name welcom to quake102, an example for mbuild!--djl. Besides the difference in name, the levels are exactly the same for the 0.3 version outside of very small adjustments (1 unit apart) for various entities. The 0.5 version included with Mbuild (September 25, 1996) was updated to just support idBase textures.

There are no differences between the Single Player and Deathmatch versions of this map. This level is intended for 16 players or less. This level has no Enemies but is still intended for Single Player as well as Deathmatch use.


Proceed forward, ignoring the doorway to your right, to reach the next room. Ignore the doorway to the right, instead proceeding forward through the doorway straight ahead. Turn right at the end, then proceed forward to collect a Double-Barrelled Shotgun. Continue forward to reach the wall, then turn right and start to head up the corridor to reach a three-way intersection. Enter the doorway to the right to collect a Nailgun in a small corridor, which is the last previously ignored corridor, then return to the intersection. Turn right, then head up the corridor to collect a Rocket Launcher. The barrier to the right is one-sided, meaning it cannot be accessed on this side, and is the corridor you ignored at the start of the level. Turn around, then return to the intersection and go through the doorway to the right. Collect the Shells to your right, then turn left to look into the room. Temporarily ignore the ramp to your left, instead proceeding straight ahead to collect the Rockets. Turn left, then proceed forward to collect the Nails. Return to the opposite side of the ramp and turn right to look into the room once more. Run up the ramp, then jump to reach the platform straight ahead to collect the Grenade Launcher. Drop into the Water straight ahead, then turn right to start proceeding down a tunnel. Follow the tunnel as it veers right to collect a Thunderbolt.


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