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Quake n64

A port of Quake was released on March 24, 1998 by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64. Also known as Quake 64.

This port was brought to PC with the Quake Enhanced remaster released during QuakeCon 2021 as a downloadable add-on.

Changes to GLQuake[]

  • There is no Welcome to Quake, rather the difficulty is selected via the main screen.
  • Nightmare difficulty features the reduced maximum health of 50 instead of 100 (remastered only)
  • Nightmare difficulty increased the frenquecy of enemy attacks and also the rate of fire for some monsters (notably Ogres, Shamblers and Scrags)
  • The Megahealth powerup respawns every two minutes in single player (2021 remaster only, but was patched to remove it)
  • Split screen deathmatch for two players, but suffers heavy frame rate drops.
  • HUD is not a big box; it only shows Armor, Ammo, and Health.
  • Weapon crosshairs
  • Different music composed by Aubrey Hodges, but same style (ambient). See Quake 64 Soundtrack for the samples.
  • No Cooperative multiplayer.
  • Exclusive deathmatch level: The Court of Death
  • It is missing the following levels: E1M4: the Grisly Grotto, E2M1: the Installation, E2M4: the Ebon Fortress, E3M5: the Wind Tunnels, E4M1: the Sewage System and E4M5: Hell's Atrium.
  • The player has to play through the levels in a linear order, and cannot choose a specific episode. Players do lose their weapons as soon as the final map of the original episode/intermission screen ends.
  • Colored lighting, but the lightmaps on world surfaces are pre-rendered. Objects such as enemies, weapons etc. are dynamically lit according to the colored lighting sources. Weapons firing and other moving light sources do not light up rooms, but have a corona around them, similar to the default in GLQuake.
  • Six built in configurations for keys
  • 320x240 resolution
  • Less detailed maps, but graphics look better than vanilla Quake. GLQuake looks better in some ways, however.
  • Distortion effect in Fluids on weapons.
  • Has no "NIN" (Nine Inch Nails) logo on the Nailgun ammo boxes.
  • The Nailgun and the Thunderbolt use different sound effects when they fire.
  • Lacks the Dopefish!
  • New secrets (without triggers) were added to reach secret levels where the original entrance's levels were removed.
  • Death messages in single player are in second person, and show up on the center of the screen.
  • Map names are displayed on the center of the screen at the start of each level.

Level Changes (Going by Hard/Nightmare Difficulty)[]

MAP 1 The Slipgate Complex[]

  • (#5) is removed and the Grunt is on railing.
  • Secret with the second Mega Health Box removed.

MAP 2 Castle of the Damned[]

  • No military crates in starting room.
  • No Wall in Water leading to (#1).

MAP 3 The Necropolis[]

  • Since there is no E1M4 in this version, the secret exit for Ziggurat Vertigo will be located in (#3), adjacent the second platform behind a secret door. This does not count as an additional secret.
  • In the exit room there are no pillars to protect you from Shambler.

MAP 7 Ziggurat Vertigo[]

  • In the pyramid square room there is no cubbie hole with 100 Health.

MAP 4 Gloom Keep[]

  • There is no arch covering the Fiend on top of the first building, so he will probably be ready to attack you.

MAP 5 The Door to Chthon[]

  • When you pick up the Silver Key, there is no message saying "Your way has been lit".
  • The Zombies that drop near the Button in the Silver Door room, will already be in the room before you push the button.

MAP 6 The House of Chthon[]

  • 8 Shamblers will explode instead of 8 Zombies when you finish the level.

MAP 8 The Ogre Citadel[]

  • You now start in the outside area in front of the 2 Buttons and there will be no Knights on the platform.

MAP 9 The Crypt of Decay[]

  • All of the Rotfish are replaced with Zombies.
  • The Fiend is replaced with a Death Knight.
  • Textures for the Dopefish were removed from the Well of Wishes.

MAP 12 The Underearth[]

  • In the Easter Egg room there are no initials and there is a Grenade Launcher and a Quad Damage.

MAP 10 The Wizards Manse[]

  • All the Death Knights in this level are replaced with a different enemy.

MAP 11 The Dismal Oubliette[]

  • Fiends, Scrags, and Shamblers were all removed. Additional Vores, Ogres, and Death Knights were added to keep enemy count the same.

MAP 13 Termination Central[]

MAP 14 The Vaults of Zin[]

MAP 15 The Tomb of Terror[]

MAP 16 Satan's Dark Delight[]

MAP 18 The Haunted Halls[]

MAP 17 Chambers of Torment[]

MAP 19 Tower of Despair[]

  • Military crates and slipgate platform removed from beginning of map.
  • The trigger for Secret #2 was removed. The secret itself still exists (and remains required to enter to reach Secret #3), but the map only has 4 secret triggers.

MAP 20 The Elder God Shrine[]

  • Since there is no E4M5 in this version, the secret exit for E4M8 will be located in (#3), in the back of the alcove; the button to open the door is hidden in the back of the ramp of the second room visited (first room with ogres). This does not count as an additional secret.

MAP 21 The Palace of Hate[]

MAP 22 The Pain Maze[]

MAP 23 Azure Agony[]

MAP 24 The Nameless City[]

  • All Shamblers are replaced with Vores no matter the difficulty you choose

  • Due to dynamic lighting the light switch hallway will already be Illuminated therefore rendering the light switch Button useless
  • The right Wall of long Elevator can be shot to reveal Quad Damage. This does not count as an additional secret.

MAP 25 Shub-Niggurath's Pit[]



Quake 64 Commercial, 1998 (US)

A comercial and trailer for Quake 64, Released in US only.