In 1998, Quake was brought to Nintendo 64 by Midway Games. The challenge for me from the audio perspective was in how to deliver an aggressive and edgy sound using very low quality (small) samples. I used less samples in the music and reused sound effects as instrument samples at times. I really liked how it came together and the game is one of my favorite works. I had always wondered what could have been if there were less restrictions so I recently created two new remixed tracks to find out! One last note, in some cases I have purposely used distortion and sonic degradation in the tracks, no your speakers are not screwed up...I am.

—Aubrey Hodges

Quake 64 features an entirely new, mostly ambient soundtrack consisting of seventeen tracks all composed by the musician Aubrey Hodges.

Number Titles Track
01 Theme
02 Level Complete
03 Rune Acquired
04 Warbled
05 Growls Of The Lost
06 Soul Eaters
07 Ghosts In My Head
08 Lost In The Void
09 Trouble Found Me
10 I Am The Soul Eater
11 Over The Edge Of Distorted Mayhem
12 Another Sickening Day
13 Mentality Of The Forsaken
14 The Suffering Darkness
15 Unplug The Torment
16 The Reaping Comes
17 Finale
18 Rune Acquired (remix)
19 Finale (remix)


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