Quake Arcade tournament edition is a port of Quake for arcade machines developed by Id Software in conjuntion with Lazer-Tron, The game port is little different from standard Quake. The game simulates a deathmatch round (with the addition of monsters), several cabinets can be linked together for group play. The levels available were not exactly the same as the ones on the Quake CDROM (most notably the famous Quake 2 map "The Edge" was in this game as well).

Some monsters would drop prize packs when shot (this would dispense tickets out of the machine, as this was also a redemption machine). Finally, the weapon lineup was not exactly the same (more of a hybrid of the weapon selection from both Quake and Quake II).

Inside the cabinet was a standard AMD (or Intel as they weren't all the same) computer with a Quantum 3D video card. No JAMMA boards or anything like that at all. There was even a keyboard and mouse inside the cabinet. That would have made for the perfect general gaming machine (the machines could run more than just Quake, as they were normal computers).

There were only twenty of these machines ever produced. The game was in its final test phase (with machines on location in several places), when a contract programmer quit. No one ever finished the project. The ones that were made did not all survive, although some are still around. They would have been $7500 each, if they had even been released for wide consumption. So you may never see one of these, but you could certainly build a clone rather cheaply.

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