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Quake Flares is a modification for Quake made by Steve Bond on August 7, 1996. Inspired by Descent, this mod allows the player to fire flares that stick to surfaces. Doing such allows the player to see in darkened areas, as well as mark paths in team-based Multiplayer games. Firing a flare is done with a key bound to impulse 30.

Upon being fired, a flare shall light up an area rather dimly. It shall then sizzle and reach full power, lighting up a wide area. After about seven seconds of full brightness, the flare shall start to lose power and become weaker once more. Fifteen seconds after it dims, the flare shall entirely burn out and disappear.

To prevent the player from accidentally firing flares, a flare can only be fired every half second. This limit also allows works with a limitation in Quake; light sources take a moment to properly appear, meaning multiple sources being spammed so quickly could cause the game to lag.

There is no limit on the number of flares that could be going at once. This means lag could be a risk if the player spams too many flares in a single area. The author thought it best to not create such a limit, since there are always cases where more flares could be needed.

If the flare hits a Monster or another player, it shall immediately disappear and cause 1 hit point of damage. If the flare hits a Door or Moving Platform, the flare shall disappear because they cause a lot of problems if fired upon.

If fired while being chest high in a liquid, such as Water, the flare may either disappear or fire. Issac Lauer could not figure out why this was happening, since there was no deviation from normal treatment of projectiles when standing in Water.


A flare being fired
A flare colliding with a solid surface
A flare sizzling