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Quake III Revolution

Quake III Revolution is a fusion of Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena, first released on March 26, 2001. This port got mixed to positive reviews, as it received controversy for the lack of Mouse and Keyboard support; as well as the lack of Online Gameplay. However this game was one of the first games to show the potential of the PS2. In Split-Screen mode, the screen is divided up to a maximum of 4 segments. [1] This game was developed by Bullfrog Productions, it was their final game before their closure in 2001.


Quake III Revolution contains all the Game Modes found in Quake III Arena, as well as some new modes.

  • Single Weapon Death Match: Each player fights with a common weapon, and ammo is replaced with ammunition for the determined gun.
  • One Flag CTF: One team attempts to retrieve the white flag and the other must defend it.
  • Possession: The players try to be the first to possess the white flag in the determined amount of time
  • Team Possession: The players try to be the first team to possess the white flag in the determined amount of time.
  • Elimination: The players must defeat each other in a tournament like game, this is the mode where the players fight the Vadrigars.


Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch[]

Single Weapon Death Match / Single Weapon Team Death Match[]

  • Arena Gate (Team Death Match only)
  • The Proving Grounds
  • Hell's Gate (Death Match only)
  • Fatal Instinct
  • The House of Decay
  • Temple of Pain
  • Evil Playground
  • Asylum (Team Death Match only)
  • The Roundhouse (Death Match only)
  • House of Spires (Death Match only)
  • Death Chamber (Death Match only)
  • The Keeper (Death Match only) (unlockable)

One Flag CTF/ CTF[]

  • Duelling Keeps
  • Space CTF
  • Vortex Portal (CTF only)
  • Temple of Pain
  • The House of Decay (CTF only)


Campaign Exclusive[]

Unused/Scrapped Maps[]



The game has two new bots, in campaign they appear after defeating the last Vadrigar:

  • The Mistress (A character from the PC Game Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2)
  • The Reaper (A character from the PC game Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2)
  • Vadrigar (only in campaign)


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