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Quake III Revolution

Quake III Revolution is a fusion of Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena, first released on March 26, 2001. This port got mixed to positive reviews, as it received controversy for the lack of Mouse and Keyboard support; as well as the lack of Online Gameplay. However this game was one of the first games to show the potential of the PS2. In Split-Screen mode, the screen is divided up to a maximum of 4 segments, depending on the amount of players that are willing to play or not. [1]


Quake III Revolution contains all the Game Modes found in Quake III Arena, as well as some new modes.

  • Single Weapon Death Match: Each player fights with a common weapon, and ammo is replaced with ammunition for the determined gun.
  • One Flag CTF: One team attempts to retrieve the white flag and the other must defend it.
  • Possession: The players try to be the first to possess the white flag in the determined amount of time
  • Team Possession: The players try to be the first team to possess the white flag in the determined amount of time.
  • Elimination: The players must defeat each other in a tournament like game, this is the mode where the players fight the Vadrigars.


Deathmatch / Team DeathmatchEdit

Single Weapon Death Match / Single Weapon Team Death MatchEdit

  • Arena Gate (Team Death Match only)
  • The Proving Grounds
  • Hell's Gate (Death Match only)
  • Fatal Instinct
  • The House of Decay
  • Temple of Pain
  • Evil Playground
  • Asylum (Team Death Match only)
  • The Roundhouse (Death Match only)
  • House of Spires (Death Match only)
  • Death Chamber (Death Match only)
  • The Keeper (Death Match only) (unlockable)

One Flag CTF/ CTFEdit


Campaign Exclusive Edit



The game has two new bots, in campaign they appear after defeating the last Vadrigar:

  • The Mistress (A character from the PC Game Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2)
  • The Reaper (A character from the PC game Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2)
  • Vadrigar (only in campaign)


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