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A port of Quake II for the Playstation was released on September 30, 1999 and made by HammerHead, graphics were downgraded and the game plays at a 512x240 resolution, Unlike the Nintendo 64 version it features some of the PC version's original levels, but modified to improve rendering.

The prologue mission is from the N64 version.

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The port runs at a 512x240 resolution and at 30 frames per second, The soundtrack is taken from the original PC version and it's mission packs, there is also split screen multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Some of the levels are from the PC version modified due to console limitations, some of the levels are also from the N64 version.

Colored lightining is also carried from the PC version, there is also no skybox support.

The port features two new enemies the Arachnid and the Guardian.

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Quake II Promotional Commrecial

Quake II Promotional Commrecial

A Promotional Commercial for the PSX and N64 Platforms