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Quake Plus 3D is a spin-off game by M3GWorks for J2ME phones, The player assumes a first person perspective and must fight through six levels.

Game's pace is pretty slow, considering game's limited technology on a java phone and no complex vertical movement like jumping, crouching or falling from ledges. By that aspect, game plays no different than a 3d labyrinth with halls, ramps and yards. Player navigates slowly through a maze, filled with enemies whilst be on the look for ammo, armor and health by keeping awareness.

Weapons Edit

There are a total of three weapons. The player already starts with all weapons. Ammo is available through the levels and are limited to pre-determined pickups only in the map. All weapons shoot pretty fast by main franchise standards and there's no random spread. It's advised player to shoot in short bursts and change weapon often to manage it. Once player is spent on ammunition there are not many options to survive but bear wounds and head for the next ammo pack or health pickups. Player don't have any sort of melee weapon to use when out of ammo.

Enemies Edit

There is only one enemy which mildly resembling Enforcers but looks like heavily modified cyborgs that carry a simple pistol beyond anything. They will shoot at the player from a distance on sight, depend on ambushes to catch player and move really slow to align with player's turn speed and pace. Their artificial intelligence seem to be open to exploiting their unawareness like corner shots from out of sight. That's due to noise perception being not quite there, enemy sightline is narrow and collision seem to be not strict enough.

Plot Edit

According to the status bar the player controls Sarge. One can assume they playing a Quake 2 based alternative campaign as Sarge at an assault operation on Stroggs before he got claimed by Arena Eternal. Structures and levels seem to be a reminiscence of Quake 2 campaign while there are familiar textures and objects from other games in the series.



Story Edit

"Chaos engulfed the planet, the people on the verge of extinction. Only our hero is able to find the center of evil and blast it. Adrenaline filled, this mega-shooter with various monsters will not leave you indifferent. In addition to action, the game presents a variety of puzzles. A lot of weapons to help you defeat evil and save the universe!"

The player is given an brief description before each level.

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Quake Plus 3D J2ME Soundtrack - BackGround Music

Quake Plus 3D J2ME Soundtrack - BackGround Music